Surreal, nostalgic, and dusted with the magic in the stars

Today begins a 2 day promotion where you can download Falling Down the Galaxy by E.M. Kiernan for free on your Kindle through the Amazon store. 

falling down the galaxy

From the Back Cover: Scientist Cassidy Decker stares over the side of the cold, gray asteroid and dives off with the grace of a dying swan. She never imagines she’ll land on the Starlight Express, a Jazz Age-themed train traveling the galaxy. Or that she’ll fall in love with its handsome conductor. Suddenly, she has everything she ever wished for: friendship, a blossoming romance, and the promise of a future on Earth. But Cassidy has always been her own worst enemy, and she soon finds herself tumbling through a series of inexplicable disasters that threaten to take away everything she gained.
Will Cassidy be able to mend her broken spirit and begin a life with the only man she’s ever loved? Or will they collapse under the weight of a galaxy steeped in corruption and greed?

Surreal, nostalgic, and dusted with the magic in the stars, Falling Down the Galaxy follows an existential journey through a dystopian future to find strength in hope.

All in favor of makeup (and feminism), say aye!

A friend recently posted an article on Facebook about a #nomakeup movement sparked by Alicia Keys’ bare faced selfie. She even went so far as to add that women who wear makeup are wearing costumes and not showing their true selves. 

This is where I have to step in and call bullshit.

This no-makeup movement is not only the subtlest form of anti-feminism, it is downright manipulative. If the same hashtag were started or article written about cosmetically-inclined trans women, would it have gained such traction? If it were about people who think their bare skin reflects a costume? What if it were about men? There are hundreds if not thousands of Instagram accounts dedicated to men creating different looks using makeup techniques. And we call them beautiful and laud them because they are going against the norm. Just like the dads who show interest in their children’s lives by baking them birthday cakes. We are hailing these men as heroes (rather than just creative or caring people) because they don’t meet our preconceptions. But women who do the same? Conforming to societal standards. Not standing up for themselves. Not standing up for women. Becoming a statistic. Being basic. Being anti-feminist. Not honoring their true selves.

When I went through boot camp and earned the Honor Graduate award in a company consisting of more than 87% men, you better believe I bucked the system. And when I hid my mascara and contacts in the frame of the bunk above me and woke up early every morning to apply them, you better believe I was going against the will of a group of men who told me not to.

Feminism isn’t about going against what society tells you to do. It’s about doing whatever the fuck you want.

People (not just women) have been wearing makeup since the beginning of time.  To argue that contouring or bold lips are some nouveau societal construct courtesy of the Kardashians would be exceedingly naive.

So these photos of made-up, badass babes through the ages go out to all of the people, especially the women, who pass judgement on makeup-loving females. May your bare face reflect your inner beauty just as much as my Besame Victory Red lipstick.

cleopatra makeup

Cleopatra courtesy of: History of makeup on

marlene dietrich feminist

Marlene Dietrich courtesy of

eva peron

Eva Peron courtesy of

laverne cox makeup

Laverne Cox courtesy of

pussy riot

Pussy Riot courtesy of the

From Ugly to Artsy


I felt like I would never say these words, but THE GUEST COTTAGE IS FINISHED!  You see, we bought a 1922 bungalow with a guest house in a historic neighborhood here in St Petersburg, Florida (hello, vitamin D) and it is quite the…fixer upper. But, my friends, the termites have been terminated. The ceilings demoed, […]

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Picnic Under the Stars


Once upon a time, before I had my adorably sleepy babe, I stayed up past 7 o’clock pm.  I danced, I drank, I stood under twinkly lights, and I picnicked under the stars.  Champagne, fancy cheese, and outdoor movies in the Hollywood Forever cemetery go well together.  The moon and I were beautiful friends.  The […]

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Fresh Florals for Boho Brides

Extra Full Silk Blush and Ivory Peony and Quartz Crystal Flower Crown by Anjou

Since quitting my day job a week ago, I’ve been steeped in a myriad of projects that I’d been envisioning for the longest time.  All of them involve silk flowers and of course, beautiful quartz crystal points.  I’ve just updated my Etsy shop (I’m now officially back from vacation!) and am excited to keep drowning […]

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Boy Meets Anjou


You guys, I just realized I was so busy soaking in that delicious baby smell for the past year, that I forgot to post about Rider Strong’s wedding to Alexandra Baretto! Now that my little one has smelly toddler feet, I can take a breather and dish the juicy gossip. In a flurry of wild […]

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Tattooed Lady


Alhough I have a few highly visible tattoos, I consider myself more of an admirer than a collector. The time and money required for something spectacular will certainly elude me until my little one is, oh I don’t know, off to college? But the pretty ones I’ve been seeing lately sure have me daydreaming.  In […]

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I’ve been thinking about bumblebees a lot lately. And I don’t know if it’s because it’s Spring or because I just learned that Gwenyth Paltrow is getting stung for beauty’s sake or because I have a hive in my chimney and the drones are making their way into my bed. But they’ve been biz-buzzing around […]

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It is barely Spring, but the temps here in sunny St. Pete are creeping up. The mosquitos are biting, the fruit trees are fruiting, and the sweat is glistening on my brow.  But man are these blue skies and palm trees giving off some lovely, tropical vibes.  To cool off, I’m sitting in my air-conditioned […]

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Row, row, row your boat

Vintage Rowing

Vintage-y inspiration to get out of the boathouse and on the open water (or virtual water).

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