Picnic Under the Stars


Once upon a time, before I had my adorably sleepy babe, I stayed up past 7 o’clock pm.  I danced, I drank, I stood under twinkly lights, and I picnicked under the stars.  Champagne, fancy cheese, and outdoor movies in the Hollywood Forever cemetery go well together.  The moon and I were beautiful friends.  The constellations, my lovers.  And the night sky, my canvas for soul searching.

Here’s an Etsy treasury that has me longing for the mysterious (and hungry!) night owl inside of me.





It is barely Spring, but the temps here in sunny St. Pete are creeping up. The mosquitos are biting, the fruit trees are fruiting, and the sweat is glistening on my brow.  But man are these blue skies and palm trees giving off some lovely, tropical vibes. 

To cool off, I’m sitting in my air-conditioned living room watching the frawns sway in the breeze and creamsicle hyancinth buds open in the dappled sunlight. And googling dresses, of course. Floralscapes and flamingos and lapping waves and aqua ocean waters have me nostalgic for what is right outside my window. I think I’m jealous of myself.

palm tree dress

Hawaiian Palm Tree Print Dress by Jesse Lynch

flamingo pants

Flamingo Print Pencil Pant by American Apparel


ice cream dress

Flavor Flav dress on Modcloth

floral crop top

Floral Tank Crop Top on wheretogetit

popsicle necklace

Just Treat You Up Necklace on Modcloth


seashell blouse shorts

Vintage Two Piece Seashell Set by TwitchVintage

dolphin dress

Dolphin Dress by PepperMayo

clam shell purse clutch

Clam Shell Clutch on Weddbook

mermaid costume diy

Lauren Conrad’s DIY Mermaid Costume

Happy Friday, beach babes


modern dance costume tunic
You guys, this is what being part of a small city’s collective of creative visionaries is all about.  My new friend Marieke, a Portland Maine director and choreographer, envisioned this dance project in a completely organic and beautiful way.  No counts, no harsh buns and makeup, no definitive theme; everything was left to the imagination and movement of the dancers and the director and the viewers alike.  It debuted at PortFringe 2013, a local performance festival that ‘encourages innovation and experimentation’, at Space Gallery in Portland’s art district.

Through a wonderful and soulful mutual friend, Marieke and I became acquainted and entertwined in this inexplicable moment of dancemagic.  I designed (with the help of the ladies, of course!) and sewed the costumes.  Initially, I bought a pattern to adopt and modify…but in the end, I threw it away and tapped into my right brain.  You know, in the spirit of it all.  Simple tunics with a bit of flare for ease of movement and dropped armholes for a little pizazz.  These dancing ladies sure made them look good.

All of the minds and bodies that came together metamorphosed lamellae into this giant, undulating organism.  And though it functioned as one, it was actually made up of individually moving parts.  Like a coral reef or the world’s smoothest printing press.

“Featuring five bodies in and out of motion, lamellae is the forthcoming dance project by Marieke Van Der Steenhoven in collaboration with Kerry Anderson, Grace Foxen, Amy Jorgensen, Jessica MilNeil, and Tess Van Horn. Soundscape by musician Matt Brown and video projections by filmmaker Derek Kimball.”

modern dance costume tunic

Lamellae fitting

modern dance costume tunic anjou

Lamellae fitting

modern dance costume tunic

Lamellae fitting

modern dance costume tunic

Lamellae fitting

And the video of the performance in its entirety by Derek Kimball of Last House Productions

I think we should dance like everybody is watching…and we’re all dancing for each other.

Toujours, Anjou

Treasury: Summer in Maine Country

summer in maine country

I just got back from a pastoral pond in the middle of Maine, and I can’t get fuzzy chickens and burnt pastels out of my mind.

A treasury to take me back to there.

summer in maine countrysummer in maine country

Let’s tap a maple and row around the pond.

Vacation is on Vacation

bridal tutu blue

I am incredibly excited to announce that I am both having the most wonderful, phenomenal summer in Maine (of which I will, of course, share photos with you shortly) AND that Anjou Clothing is back from vacation! …while still on vacation?  Who needs sleep!

To celebrate my return to creativity and whimsical moments draped in tulle, I’m sharing a few photos that arrived as pretty presents in my email inbox.  This English bride should seriously consider switching her day job to Vogue model and stylist.  I mean, the blazer…the vintage hat…the heels.  My heart stopped!

So hey, what say you stop by Anjou on Etsy or my online boutique and say hi.  Maybe let me make you a beautiful ballerina or a die hard fashionista?  Will trade for raw desserts or turquoise jewelry.

Happy creative summer, daydreamers and stargazers.

The Great Gatsby fashions come to the silver screen

The Great Gatsby Daisy Cary

Hullo, dames and daddies.  Guess what tonight is?  The premiere of a certain dimly lit and greed-dripping film by tragic romantic F. Scott Fitzgerald and Moulin Rouge’s Baz Luhrmann.

And, well, the bees knees have never looked so glamorous.

Although I wouldn’t say I’m the world’s biggest fan of Leo, the sumptuous sets and sublimely elegant fashion have me wishing I could travel back in time to a more decadent, diamond and silk-filled era.  I wouldn’t even mind the looming Great Depression or taking on a kitschy nickname.  I’d don silk stockings, satin garter belts, feathers and fringe, a dropwaist dress, t-strap heels, and one hell of a cigarette holder.  Not to mention that garter flask and pearl inlay derringer.

With the critics already saying that The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann is an odd mixture of new and old, I thought we could take a look at just that.  Original flapper fashions and couture remakes.

So, dolls, happy 1922.

May Daisy Buchanan manifest in all her bubbly shallowness before our envious eyes.

flapper dress

Jigsaw Sequin Flapper Dress, Oyster by Jigsaw (John Lewis)

The Great Gatsby Daisy Cary



Well I only have 4 hours to travel back in wardrobe time for ‘ladies night’ at the theatre followed by cocktails at a secret speakeasy in town.  But I’ll leave you with the thought that you absolutely must stream the soundtrack, darlings.  The xx, Lana, Q Tip, Beyonce…they’ve all gotten into the raspy swing of things.  And of course, Jay-Z is the master curator.


Ruffles from the past

ruffled tulle skirt wedding

Meet the world’s most beautiful, genuine, charming, good-spirited, patient, and imaginative bride and woman that ever graced this planet.


This gorgeous little Edwardian-minded lady and I (and amazing mom, Annie!) designed this ruffled-to-the-max and nostalgia-flavored tiered tulle skirt for her late winter wedding in San Francisco this year.  Those ruffles were the bane of my existence, yet the finished product was beyond my expectations.  You guys, I actually broke my sewing machine on this one.  But holy wow, am I happy I ran out in the middle of the night to buy a new one.  5 layers of ivory with a “petti” of peach, beige, and white, this skirt is my favorite thing I’ve ever created.  Though I can’t say whether it was the garment itself, or the wonderful women behind the dream.

Katrin, the likes of you don’t come around too often.  Congrats on your to-die-for wedding and your beautiful life together.


ruffled tulle skirt wedding

Anjou Custom Ruffled Tulle Skirt

ruffled tulle skirt wedding

Anjou Custom Ruffled Tulle Skirt

ruffled tulle skirt wedding

Anjou Custom Ruffled Tulle Skirt

ruffled tulle skirt wedding

Anjou Custom Ruffled Tulle Skirt

ruffled tulle skirt wedding

Anjou Custom Ruffled Tulle Skirt

ruffled tulle skirt wedding

Anjou Custom Ruffled Tulle Skirt

ruffled tulle skirt wedding

Anjou Custom Ruffled Tulle Skirt


Bisous to Katrin and her new hubs!  Best wishes, you beautiful spirit.

Under the Tree of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Fashion

It’s been one peach of a busy holiday season for me (thus the lack of posts lately!), but I couldn’t help making a treasury for those who have gift lists yet to make or fulfill.  It is inspired by the only television series that could come close to replacing The Forsyte Saga in my Edwardian-loving heart: Downton Abbey.  The Edwardian gothic romance, the tragedy and comedy, the lush velvet and lace fabrics, and the deep jewel tones make me want to disobey the laws of astrophysics and jump in a time machine traveling backwards.  I’ll even trade my iPhone on the way back for a candlestick telephone and wine decanting lessons.

Happy Holidays and shopping, antique souls!

Downton Abbey Fashion

Downton Abbey Fashion


ps: for an amazing site that I just stumbled upon, check out The Edwardian Promenade: social history, Edwardian slang, and the real story behind Downton Abbey.

Buried in tulle

Bridal Tulle Skirt for Wedding

Hectic, crazed, and buried in tulle do not even begin to describe the holiday season I’ve been having thus far.  Holy wow.  But boy are these lovely ladies chock full of beautiful and festive ideas.  Sparkle-dusted tulle, embellished waistbands, and spirited colors have been hitting my sewing machine hard and I’m loving the excitement of it all.  Not to mention I’ve been interviewing for an amazing big girl job in Portland, Maine (hearts for days!), dealing with Etsy/tutu/life copycats (shame on you, unoriginal and tacky creative-wannabes!), and I may or may not have gotten sucked into Halo 4 (videogames are my super secret addiction!).

So I thought in lieu of sharing fashion dreams or conquests of history, I’d post some lovely photos of lovelier ladies in my Anjou tulle skirts.

Wedding Tulle Skirts for Bridesmaids

Nicole’s Wedding (how radiant is the bride?!)


Bridal Tulle Skirt for Wedding

Ryan’s Wedding (positively STUNNING – so classic and beautiful)

Bridal Tulle Skirt for Wedding

Ryan’s Wedding


Peach Tulle Skirt for Party, Formal, Wedding

Peachy Dream Tulle Skirt (LOVE this lady and the styling)


Bridal Peach Tulle Skirt for Wedding

Angie’s Wedding (such a gorgeous girl and LOVE the styling – eggplant cardi!)


Congratulations to all the beautiful brides and gorgeous party-goers!

For the Anjou Etsy shop, pirouette here

For my own personally-designed online Anjou Boutique, twirl here



Rawr: An animalistic treasury

Animal Treasury

After a trek through the autumn forests of New England, cats in my lap, and a stop at Evolution, I’ve been a little taken with taxidermy as of late.  All consciously sourced, of course.  Here’s a Sunday morning Etsy treasury I curated where the stars of the show are our woodsy friends.

Animal Treasury

Animal Treasury

Does anyone know of a great patch of woods in New England in which to find discarded animal skulls or bones for bleaching and decor?


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