I am a believer in whimsy and chiffon and in practicing escapism each and every day.  In being avant garde and wearing red lipstick. In mixing prints and daring, not to be different, but to be yourself; daring to jump on a plane to Paris tomorrow or to put too much creamer in your coffee or to bury yourself in so many projects that you can hardly breathe because they excite you so.  I believe in convincing people of something they might not initially agree with.  And I believe in people; in the pure genius that lurks in all of us and stumbles out in the most surprising moments.  I believe in the lilting rhythm of words such as didacticism and ostensibly; in the effortless beauty of tragic French films and F. Scott Fitzgerald and in my perfect daydreams.  In honey and lemon verbena ice cream and in the color lilac.  I guess you could say that I am a romantic at heart.  A simple silhouette filled with the complexity of the stars at work.

Anjou Clothing has been featured in: Wedding Chicks, Emmaline Bride, Rock ‘n Roll Bride, Architectural Review (photograph), Belle the Magazine, Etsy’s Pinterest, the front cover of YA novel Spellcaster (Michael Frost photography), and Rider Strong’s Wedding (bridesmaid tiered tulle skirts).  Anjou has also curated a treasury for the font page of Etsy and has been Freshly Pressed here on WordPress.


Pierrot costume by Anjou

Tulle skirt by Anjou (Photographer: Sabrina Cichy, Model: Lotte Groeneweg)



For more ‘About Me’, head here.

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