DIY Bohemian Bottles

What’s a crafty girl to do on a lazy Sunday but use leftover feathers and handpicked wildflowers to spruce up some empty bottles?  Although this has absolutely nothing to do with sewing, I figured a smattering of DIY won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.  Simply procure decorative bottles (mine are super cheap versions from IKEA, actually), pick tiny wildflowers on the walk to get your morning (late, late morning) coffee, and pop in some neutral colored feathers.  For even more fun, see if you can’t liven it up a bit with peacock feathers, tinted glassware, bits of lace, or a dandelion-turned-wishy!  The possibilities for springtime decor are endless with nature and ideas blossoming like cah-razy.

Bohemian DIY Bottles

Bohemian DIY Bottles

Bohemian DIY Bottles

Bohemian DIY Bottles

Fun ideas!

Bohemian DIY Bottles

*the last image is of an ah-dorable necklace available from Down Above at her Etsy shop site found here!

Happy Weekend!


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